Spiritual Journey

Spiritual Awakening

Are you at a point in your life where you feel that there is something more to life?   Do you feel there is a sense of calling for you to do more? You maybe embarking on the journey of spiritual awakening.


All of us who have awaken to our true self, realized that there is more to life then just the hamster life style of go to work, come home, eat, sleep and then repeat this day after day, weeks after weeks, months after months and years after years until we become old and fragile.


Life is meant for us to play, explore, create.  We are a child of God. We have within each of us the power to create the reality of what we desire.  The keys lie within each one of us. How to tap into this gift is understanding our true potential. Accessing this gift is where our spiritual journey begins.  Appreciating all the beauty life have to offer is the start of our spiritual journey. Appreciating everything around us, having compassion for all beings, and having no judgement is part of our soul journey.



Our life here on earth is to experience all the emotions and all the beauty that we are blessed with.  Through these emotional experiences we are supposed to sort out what truly matters to our souls. Life obstacles occurred to help us re-connect with our higher selves by going deep inside our soul to see the real person of who we are and what we are here to learn or accomplish.


In 2005, I was giving the message that all of us are children of the Sun.  Look to the sun for the energy. Just like the rain drop falling from the sky, we all will eventually get back home to the source of all creator.  But just like the rain, it depends on where we land. If we land on the desert, it will be quite a travel before we get to the ocean. However, if we land in the stream or river, it will be quicker to get to the ocean.  Therefore, our life is like that.


If you are embarking on a spiritual journey and is not sure where to go or how to begin, Come to Radiate Up workshop.  We offer tools to help you embark on your journey of self- discovery so you can live your true life purpose.

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