Terms & Conditions

By registering to Radiate Up’s (henceforth designated as RU) event , attendees, family members and their affiliates (henceforth designated as ATTENDEE/FAMILY) agree to the following terms and conditions:  ATTENDEE/FAMILY hereby agrees to indemnify and hold harmless RU and RU’s owners, officers, employees, agents, and contractors (collectively referred to herein as the RU PARTIES) from any and all liabilities, losses, obligations, damages, claims, expenses, costs (including without limitation attorneys’ fees), and/or suits for or by reasons of any injury or death of an attendee (collectively referred to herein as “DAMAGES”) arising from the participation at RU’s event and/or the grounds of its hosting facility.  Neither RU nor RU Parties shall be liable to ATTENDEE/FAMILY for any DAMAGES arising from activities done, permitted, or suffered by Attendee/Family prior, during, and after the participation at RU’s event and/or on the grounds of its hosting facility including, but not limited to, activities involving the consumption of food and beverages, or from ATTENDEE/FAMILY’s failure to observe or perform any agreement or promise under this Terms and Conditions. This indemnity obligation shall survive following the completion of RU’s event.

The ATTENDEE/FAMILY also agrees to follow the policy of RU’s hosting facility while on its premise.  The ATTENDEE/FAMILY agrees to be responsible for any damage done by the ATTENDEE/FAMILY to the facility. The ATTENDEE/FAMILY is responsible for its personal properties.  RU will not assume responsibility for conditions beyond the control of RU or damage to or loss of any merchandise or articles left at the hosting site of RU’s event.

ATTENDEE/FAMILY acknowledges being informed that (a) there may be other events occurring at the same time as the event that RU is hosting and RU is not responsible for the actions of the guests at such events, (b) some buildings and grounds at the hosting facility may not be accessible to disabled persons, and therefore (c) RU shall bear no responsibility for ensuring its hosting facility have access to disabled persons..

Skin Contact

This event includes hands-on training.  Instructions and demonstrations may require skin contact in order to facilitate learning.  ATTENDEE/FAMILY is encouraged to break into groups and perform hands-on techniques. ATTENDEE/FAMILY acknowledges and agrees that skin contact is involved between instructor/student and student/student.

Photo and Video Release

RU and its staff may take photographs and video of ATTENDEE/FAMILY during the event, individually or in groups, to be used for educational, promotional, and advertising purposes.  RU reserves the rights to all photographs and video. ATTENDEE/FAMILY acknowledges and consents to the full release of photographs and video.

Cancellation Policy

All cancellations are subjected to a $10 processing fee.  A written cancellation is required and request for refunds must be made prior to the scheduled event. Any cancellation received within 24 hours of the scheduled event is non-refundable.