What’s Up with Radiate Up?

It was Thursday afternoon around 3pm, when I met Yoong Tran.  I had just arrived to ECETI Ranch for the SOULTECH Gathering. Yoong was so outgoing.  He talks to everyone and makes friends with all who attended the gathering. He was not shy.  When he introduced himself to me, I had no idea what transpires next. We began our introduction of who we are and the next thing I know, Yoong was sitting in my van channeling for me about my son’s health issue.

I went to ECETI Ranch to see Micheila Sheldan, because I found out that she was going to be one of the speakers there for Soul Tech Gathering.  I was hoping that Mechilla Sheldan could provide me the answers that I was searching for about my son’s epilepsy. Little did I know that I was guided to ECETI Ranch to connect with Yoong and Scott Moore.

Scott walked by my van just when Yoong recommended me to seek out a Shaman’s about my son’s health.  Just as Yoong was stating “ maybe you should talk to someone here that is a Shaman. You should meet Scott.”  Just as he said that Scott came by to say “Hi” and we became inseparable after that. We ate dinner together and watch the UFO’s together.  It was a spectacular night in the sky. There were multiples craft lurking behind the trees.


On Friday, I met five beautiful souls from the state of Washington.  They were all ladies. Even though connected, the bonds were nothing like Yoong, Scott, and  I. We were inseparable. Friday evening Yoong and I sat outside watching the UFO’s and getting to know each other better.  We found out that we have so much in commons.

On Saturday morning we went out for breakfast together at the same café nearby. During our breakfast,  I told Yoong and Scott that I will be leaving early Sunday because the drive is long and I don’t want to get home late at night.  I don’t like driving in the night time. On our way back to ECETI Ranch, we saw a group of people gathering by the entrance gate. Scott got off and notice that everyone was looking at  Sasquatch footprint. Just like children immediately parked our car and ran back to the area and took some pictures. None of us had ever seen a Sasquatch footprint, so this was exciting.  A young man by the name of Jake was standing by the footprint sharing his story about how he communicated with Sasquatch and how he found this footprint. Yoong told us that Jake is very good.  We asked Jake if he would do a channel for us.  Jake agrees to channel for us and for us to meet him at the Medicine Circle at 10:30 am. We skip our classes and went to meet Jake at the Medicine circle.  There were six of us all together. As Jake started to channels the Pleiadeans, the fairies were busy leaving Scott Moore a gift. When Jake was done channeling, Scott found two items left for him by the fairies.

It was a citrine and selenite. We all started to look around us and we didn’t see any, but Jake continues sharing his life journey, Serena D. also found a similar gift. Then, I saw my gift and then Yoong found his gift.  So, the fairies left each one of us a small gift of selenite and citrine. It was the most exciting day ever. But is not over yet. This was only half the morning. After the channeling, we all went for lunch. When we got back, we all supposed to go to our afternoon class, and yet again, we skipped.  The three of us was so immersed in this synchronicity and how we should start our business venture together. So we came back into my van and started to have Yoong channel how all three of us was connected. Yoong channel into our past lives and the lessons that we have to learn during those lifetimes. It was so fascinating to watch Yoong draws while channel our past lives and see how our lives have intertwined.




August 11, 2018, at 11:11 pm with 11 percent of the iPad battery left, Radiate Up Corporation was formed.